2017-01-30 19:03:44 by Finnsfolks

Once again, Newgrounds has removed more of my music. But did they remove just ONE song like they did last time? Haha, no. THEY MASS REMOVED EVERY SINGLE MASHUP I HAVE EVER POSTED TO THIS SITE!!! These songs include Race of Shapes, Alex's House Party, Oriental Spectrum, Essence of Time, the OTHER OMFG mashup (Master of V-Chops), and the FREAKING GD MEGAMIX!!! What's worse is that there was absolutely NO warning WHATSOEVER where they ever said that this might happen. It took the efforts of my friend, Alexkazam, to find their "rule" on mashup songs. It apparently states that mashup songs "are not allowed, unfortunately, because the artist owns none of the original songs". Now, that may sound reasonable, except that there are not one, but TWO things that they forgot about. The first being this:


and the second being this:


As long as these two things exist, your "rule" on mashups makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE! You may think that I have no rights to the songs, but so long as I have permission from the artists, which I got:

5910447_148582045163_ExhibitC.jpg5910447_148582046243_ExhibitD.jpgAND the ability to claim that they are samples of the songs, which they are since they are usually only fragmentations of the songs that have either been tempo-altered, pitch-altered, or both, you really cannot say that mashups are not allowed because they still fall under regulations. Now, I'm not quitting, nor do I want to start any flame wars, I just want you to PROPERLY address this problem rather than just TAKING DOWN MY SONGS! If you are reading this, PLEASE respond, and to anyone else out there that might be reading this, what do you think? Do you agree? PLEASE let me know.


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2017-01-30 19:08:26

Yeah if you got permission, I don't see the problem...


2017-01-30 19:32:26

Mashups have never been allowed here though.

Finnsfolks responds:

You're missing the point, though: they not only made this an obscure rule, meaning that it was really difficult to find, but they also made this rule "paradoxical", one might say. In other words, they (mashups) aren't allowed because they claim that we have no ownership of the songs that are being used, BUT as long as we get permission AND that "This audio contains samples I do not have rights to" button exists, we should be allowed to create mashups as they ARE still technically "original" since they actually require an idea, creativity, time, effort, and sometimes even added effects.


2017-01-30 20:04:12

If you use material represented by a record label in a mashup, it's not allowed. That part about remixes and covers on the upload screen makes that pretty clear.

Finnsfolks responds:

Except that EVERY SONG that I have used fell under no more than the the "Creative Commons License". Plus, like I said: I got permission.


2017-01-30 20:32:45

It doesn't matter if you got permission from the president. The guidelines clearly state if it's not yours don't upload it. Mashups are not original. And don't give me that "creativity, time, effort, added effects" crap, any noob to music production could mash songs together and call it good. If you want to make a remix under those terms, you'll gladly have permission, but mashing up songs you clearly didn't make is a violation.

Finnsfolks responds:

Then why is it that YOU are telling me this and not THEM? They haven't ONCE sent me so much as a single message. I honestly wouldn't mind the problem so much if they would at least tell me this stuff because as I said before, my friend Alexkazam took a while to find that rule on mashups and actually can't seem to find it again. Like I said, however, I won't really mind all the much if they at least WARNED ME about this because now I most likely have the Newgrounds equivalent of a "YouTube copyright strike" that I can't remove, so one more "unfortunate accident" from me, and I'm history.


2017-01-30 21:11:12

Your song contains sample(s) that are copyrighted.
You aren't allowed to have ANY copyrighted samples in your song. Not even a millisecond, so don't even think about uploading that Soulja Boy remix. Movie quotes, game sound effects, acapellas of popular singers, etc... have a VERY good chance of being copyrighted, for example. "Fair use" does NOT apply on Newgrounds, as flash authors might want to use your song in a sponsored game or movie.

Ok, maybe it doesn't explicitly state Mashups but that rule ^ applies to your songs.

Finnsfolks responds:

Okay, maybe you don't understand from my perspective: the first one that I uploaded was Race of Shapes, my GD song mashup. It's been around for the longest time on my page. Later, I uploaded my first OMFG mashup to the page just to see what people would think of it. Later, THAT got removed, but Race of Shapes was still around. I thought that was because they were strict about the title OMFG because I'm now aware that they are very strict on people that reupload those songs. I wasn't sure at first, so I kept going. It was LITERALLY only today that I found out that they took action with the rest of my songs when I was scrolling through my uploads and saw that they were missing. At this point, I don't even care that they got removed; I'm more frustrated that they were unclear of their rule on this topic and it affected me negatively because, like I said, if they do something like this, it's the Newgrounds equivalent of a "YouTube Copyright Strike". Now do you see my frustration? It's really isn't about the mashups being removed at this point, because I could tolerate that, it's just that they didn't warn me and ASK me to take those songs down instead, which I would've done without question. :\


2017-01-31 20:09:00

Because of our content rules, we've never really had the issue of people mashing up non-copyrighted songs, so you're sort of the first I know of to do this.

The problem is the work is viewed as not yours because although you arranged the parts of the songs, you did not MAKE them. Hopefully something good can come of this and/or mashups are recognized as transformative works that, with the proper attribution can be hosted and/or clearer rules are established as a result.

Finnsfolks responds:

Yeah, hopefully. I honestly feel like this post was a bit of an overreaction as the reality of it is that I guess I don't mind so long as I actually have a place to put my mashup songs, which in this case is my YouTube page. As for here, who knows? Maybe a system where if the song is used, there should be a tab that shows that you have to get permission from that specific artist. If you do, they'll get a notification and have the chance to preview it and look it over. If they approve, they can say so. (Idk, just an idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


2017-01-31 21:18:17

Hmm.. That sounds like it could be useful! Perhaps bring it up in the AP suggestion thread and @ Tom?

Finnsfolks responds:

How do I do that stuff? I've literally done nothing on this site but listen to songs and post my own. :\


2017-01-31 21:56:15

Go to the community tab, Audio Forum, and the topic should be stickied


2017-02-26 23:00:37

Who removed your songs? Just wondering.

Finnsfolks responds:

I don't really know. I didn't know that you could see what specific person removes songs. It doesn't matter, though, to me the songs are simply removed.


2017-02-27 23:29:57

It tells you in the M-Bot notifications.

Finnsfolks responds:

The what? 0_0